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Why Choose Double Glazing?

What Is Double Glazing?

Simply put double glazing is essentially two pieces of glass sandwiched between the inner and outer frame. Between the two pieces of glass, gas is inserted (usually argon) which acts as an insulator for heat and sound.

What Are The Advantages?

Single glazed windows are extremely poor at insulating heat, studies have shown that up to 18% of all heat in your home in can be lost through windows if they are not correctly insulated. By installing double glazed windows, you can save money on your heating bills, as your home is more efficient, less energy is required to heat your home.

Double glazed windows are also great insulators of sound, which is a great benefit if you live in a noisy area.

Single glazed windows are also prone to damp, which is due to condensation. However this effect is greatly reduced with double glazing, due to the gas filled gap between the two layers of glass, helping to keep the window closer to room temperature.

In short, installing double glazed windows and doors in your home can:

  • Reduce Heating Bills
  • Make Your Home For Energy Efficient
  • Reduce Damp
  • Reduce external noise

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